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Carnival of Málaga

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Carnival of MálagaDuring the warm winter, Malaga hosts one of the most multi-cultural, colourful, spontaneous and brilliant celebrations in the streets and plazas of both the historical centre as well as in other neighbourhoods and districts. The Carnival kicks off with hundreds of activities and events dominated by the participation of carnival-goers in this Fiesta de la Libertad.

Malaga shows its charm from the first moment with gatherings for all types of Carnival musical groups (cantos, murgas, comparsas, cuartetos and coros) in the Cervantes Theatre for a competition with groups that have come from all around the province as well as other parts of Andalusia. Humour, laughs, sparks and criticism are all part of the annual chronicle of these local, provincial, regional and national events full of great voices and guitars, whistles and drums, all bringing out the best of the spectacle. Also with elaborate and daring costumes for a unique show.

This is Malaga during Carnival- amazing, participative, traditional, multi-cultural, intergenerational, multi-coloured... all of this in the Fiesta de la Libertad, Fiesta de Todos, Carnaval de Málaga and Fiesta del Invierno Cálido.