A survey of the career of Fernando Alonso, the top Formula 1 Spanish racing driver of all time and winner of two world championships.

fernando-alonso-collectionAlonso began competing when he was only three years old, and the exhibition includes the first racing suit he wore, hand-sewn by his mother. And from then he continued his path to victory in two Formula 1 world championships and in numerous other races, whose trophies are all on display to visitors. The exhibition also includes several of the single-seaters raced by the Asturian champion: from his first go-kart through to the cars with which he competed for Minardi, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari. Visitors can also see a collection of helmets, boots, gloves and mementos from Alonso's racing career.

Date:From Dec 6, 2013 to May 4, 2014

Place:Paseo de la Castellana 214. - 28046. Madrid


cartel-carnaval-de-cadiz-2014Cadiz spends the whole year preparing for its famous carnival celebrations. If you have an costume and are up for a good time then you're ready to enjoy this unique and animated celebration.

The Cadiz carnival is known throughout the world as a huge street party. Eleven days of non-stop fun, originality and, more than anything else, mass participation. The whole city is transformed, the streets are filled with people intent on having a good time and making sure everyone else has a good time, singing, and enjoying themselves. If you too would like to experience the boisterous Cadiz carnival celebrations, you should make plans well in advance. This is one of the most long-awaited events on the calendar and attracts thousands of people every year.

Carnival of Cádiz

cartel-carnaval-de-cadiz-2014Los Carnavales is one of the best-known carnivals in Spain. The whole city participates in the carnival for more than two weeks each year, and the presence of this fiesta is almost constant in the city because of the rehearsals, recitals, and contests held throughout the year.
It is a widely held opinion that the city of Cádiz is blessed with the wittiest people in Spain, so it is not surprising that the main characteristics of the carnival in Cádiz are the acerbic criticisms, the droll plays on words, stinging sarcasm, and the irreverence of parody. While some carnivals, elsewhere in the world, stress the spectacular, the glamorous, or the scandalous in costumes, Cádiz distinguishes itself with the sheer cleverness and fertile imagination of its carnival attire. It is traditional to paint the face as a humble substitute for a mask.
It is easy to get involved in the fiesta even if one is a visitor and knows no Spanish. On Saturday, everyone wears a costume, which, many times, is related to the most polemical aspects of the news. However, the Carnival of Cádiz is most famous for the satirical groups of performers called chirigotas. Their music and their lyrics are in the center of the carnival.
The most famous groups are the chirigotas, the choirs, and the comparsas.
The chirigotas are well-known witty and satiric groups that train for the whole year to sing about politics, topics in the news, and everyday circumstances, while all of the members wear identical costumes. There is an official competition in Teatro Falla, where many of them compete for a group award. Their songs are all original compositions and are full of satire and wit. Each chirigota – whether a professional group or one made up of family members, friends or colleagues – has a wide repertoire of songs. They sing in the streets and squares, at improvised venues like outdoor staircases or portals, and in established open-air tablaos (tableaux) organized by the carnival clubs.

Carnival of Málaga

Carnival of MálagaDuring the warm winter, Malaga hosts one of the most multi-cultural, colourful, spontaneous and brilliant celebrations in the streets and plazas of both the historical centre as well as in other neighbourhoods and districts. The Carnival kicks off with hundreds of activities and events dominated by the participation of carnival-goers in this Fiesta de la Libertad.

Malaga shows its charm from the first moment with gatherings for all types of Carnival musical groups (cantos, murgas, comparsas, cuartetos and coros) in the Cervantes Theatre for a competition with groups that have come from all around the province as well as other parts of Andalusia. Humour, laughs, sparks and criticism are all part of the annual chronicle of these local, provincial, regional and national events full of great voices and guitars, whistles and drums, all bringing out the best of the spectacle. Also with elaborate and daring costumes for a unique show.

This is Malaga during Carnival- amazing, participative, traditional, multi-cultural, intergenerational, multi-coloured... all of this in the Fiesta de la Libertad, Fiesta de Todos, Carnaval de Málaga and Fiesta del Invierno Cálido.

Hiring Period

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Rates are quoted per week, additional days are available at 1/7th of the weekly rate. For less-than-one-week hirings the daily rate is 1/5th of the weekly rate.

The minimum hiring period in airports is 3 days.
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If you want to extend the hiring period, you must contact the office where you signed the rental agreement in advance, so that we can extend the insurance.
You have a 2-hours limit to return the car. If the car is returned after this limit, you will be charged one more day, even if it is due to a flight delay.

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Booking your car in Autos Aguirre is very easy. Just call 0034 956 17 19 55 to give us the car group details, destination and hiring period and our staff will confirm your booking. If you prefer, you can fill in our booking form and send it to us by post, fax or e-mail.
Although Autos Aguirre will do all its best to give you the car model required, your booking confirmation will be made according to a car group and not to a car model.
Please inform about the time you will pick up the car and about possible delays in your flight, in order to provide you with a better service. Your booking will be held 120 minutes maximum after the picking-up time. After this time your booking will be cancelled and, if it is necessary, Autos Aguirre could hire the car to other clients.


All rates include collision damage waiver (CDW) except insurance excess. The insurance also covers theft of the vehicle (not contents) and fire damages.  

The cost of the car repairing after collision or for other reasons will be limited to the amount specified in the current rate list (EXCESS), plus the vehicle inmovilization will be paid by customers. In order to obtain insurance without excess customers must pay the INSURANCE EXCES COVER (price per day). 

Wheels, punctures, tyres are not covered by insurance. Damages caused to the bodywork top or bottom as well as in the vehicle inner part, are not covered by any type of insurance and shall be paid by customers inmediately. 

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Traffic fines or offences are not included in the insurance.

Malaga will host the 78th edition of the King's Cup basketball in February

Copa del Rey BaloncestoThe event will be held in Centre from 6 to 9 February 2014. This is the third time the final stages of the Cup have been held in Malaga, following those held in 2001 and 2007.

A great atmosphere and fun are certain to be had in a city that is crazy about basketball. Don't miss the fun inside and outside the pavilion!

Sunshine Tour

sunshine tour

The Sunshine Tour is Europe's most important winter equestrian competition, and it comprises both jumping and dressage.This year, we will be holding the 19th edition of the Sunshine Tour Jumping event and the 15th edition of the Sunshine Tour Dressage event.The original name of the competition in Spanish is Circuito Hípico del Sol, although it is known internationally by its English name, the Sunshine Tour.

Due to the fine winter weather in Cadiz province, the tour is used to train for the rest of the season's competitions. In Northern and Central Europe, the cold weather and snow means that in February and March riders have to train in indoor arenas. So at this time of year the magnificent facilities at Dehesa Montenmedio become the top destination for international riders.

A total of 1,350 horses and 360 riders are registered in the jumping events, and 110 horses and 54 riders in dressage, riders from 46 different countries will be competing in the Sunshine Tour this year.

The Sunshine Tour Jumping competition comprise 177 classes, spread over five weeks. From the first to the fourth week of the competition, 36 classes will be held every week, running from Tuesday to Sunday. During the fifth week, 35 trials will take place, including on Monday, as several consecutive finals will be held.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the classes for 5, 6 and 7-year-old young horses will be held, culminating with the international classes on the weekend.

Many of the Sunshine Tour jumping classes will serve for horses and riders to qualify for the Adults European Championships that will be held in Denmark in August 2013, and 5 qualifying classes for the Juniors European Championships that will be held in our facilities in July 2013.

The elite of horse racing with Montenmedio

sunshine tourThe equestrian center Circuito Hípico del Sol in Montenmedio is ready to host the Sunshine Tour - 2014 

Autos Aguirre has everything ready for our customers, having our own office in the equestrian center for the convenience of the clients.

The Trail of the Whitewashed Villages of Cádiz

The Trail of the Whitewashed Villages of CádizThe Cádiz mountain range, with a rich architectural heritage, stretches to the north of the province along a steep, beautiful, green and thrilling route: the Trail of the Whitewashed Villages.

Arcos de la Frontera, granted the historic-artistic designation, is one of the most famous whitewashed villages. It is followed by Ubrique, El Bosque and Prado del Rey, not only famous for their stunning scenery, but also for their arts and crafts.

Algar, Algodonales, El Gastor, Puerto Serrano and Villaluenga del Rosario are also part of the trail. Then there are Benaocaz, Bornos, Espera, Villamartín and Olvera, each one with its typical fiestas, castles and idiosyncrasies.

The trail goes deep into the Grazalema Nature Reserve, declared a Biosphere Reserve. Here you must visit the town of the same name, and Zahara de la Sierra, which has one of the most dramatic landscapes in the area. Finally, you will find Alcalá del Valle and Setenil de las Bodegas, with their unusual layout of houses built into the mountain, following the river's course.

Vehicle Checking

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According to the Autos Aguirre procedures, the vehicle will be checked on delivery and collection in order to find any damage and to determine responsibilities.
When customers pick up the car, the staff will check it and note any damage on the rental agreement. When customers return their car, it will be checked again and damages will be compared with the previous list.
In case of damage or accident, accident report must be completed even if the customer is not responsible or if there is not a third person identified. It must be

Zahara strikes back again with its marvellous Almadraba tuna.

ruta atun zahara 2014This year 2014 the event is held from the 13th to the 18th of May, to ensure better weather, so tourists can enjoy its wonderful beaches (the 5th best beach in Europe and 23rd in Europe) and stay a few days relaxing in this paradise of the Coast of Cadiz.

Over 30 restaurants compete to win the award for the best dish “tapa de la Ruta”.

Take advantage and get away a few days off to Zahara on this date.