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Simon Brouwers

For seven years we are going from Amsterdam to south of Spain near Estepona, each year we fly to Malaga to rent a car from Auto Aguire to perfect satisfaction. the timing of the people when you arrive or when you leave to be of help is of great service.  i like to thank the people for this profesionalism , means our holidays starts on time and with no frustration of long lines of waiting!  thanks Jose and your team!!!!

Olivia Cordero

Thanks for the great service. We had a fantastic, problem free weekend. The car was perfect. Looking forward to our next road trip!

Andres Bautista Rondon

Pues claro que voy a escribir algo. Ademas lo de AUTOS AGUIRRE Y YO ES DE PELICULA.  llevo mas de 20 años alquilando, en esta empresa tan familiar.  y con el trio que tienen, en la oficina de la frontera.  SON unas fuera de series , simpatia y buen hacer.les mando un saludo,atodos  bautista

Gemma Edward

Just to say came in to book a car for my family coming over at the end of September, and the service i received from Christina was great, and the prices were very reasonable too!!

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