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‎Luise Dunn- Willis

Facebook Autos Aguirre. Just booked a car with you to collect from Gibraltar. I just wanted to say thank you for how helpful your staff have been. I bombarded Natalia with questions and she patiently answered every one! Can't wait for our holiday now.

‎Jarrod C.E. Morton

Facebook Autos Aguirre. We used Autos Aguirre - Rent a Car for a trip to Marbella in February 2016. Its the first time we have hired a car, so were unsure what to expect. BUT the whole experience was great, good staff (very helpful), car was fine for us and the price was good too! Will definitely use again! 

Clive Tattley

We hired a Ford focus which was relatively new and very clean. However, the best bit was still to come! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car when we returned it to the depot in La Linea. Some hours later I realised my loss and rang the company. The receptionist said she would ring the cleaning depot and see if they had found anything (which I thought was most unlikely). About one hour later she rang back to say that they had it! When we arrived at the car hire shop, the receptionist jumped in her own car and showed us the way to the service depot in the back streets where I was reunited with my camera.

 All I can say is excellent customer service of the highest order and I shall certainly use this firm again. CT.

Sue Drake-Pascual

I have rented cars with Autos Aguirre for over 15 years. whether I pick the car up in Malaga Airport or walk over the border of Gibralter, to the office in La Linea, I am aways greeted with a friendly smile and given an excellent service.  I either reserve by phone or by e-mail. The price is always very good, the cars are new and the added extra is Pablo!!!! I always get lost driving out of Malaga Airport and trying to find the motorway to La linea is very difficult.. He is so kind and lets me drive behind him to the motorway turn-off. Plus the airport drop-off service is just as easy.  Autos Aguirre don't just rent you a car, they look after you as if you are their best client.

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